Short Notice Movers Chicago

Usually, the majority of people would likely take about two months in order to prepare for their moving day. However, if something happens and under some different circumstance you need to act immediately, you might want to take advantage of professional Short Notice Movers in Chicago.


Even though you only have short time to get everything sorted out, this is no reason for you to panic because short notice move is most certainly manageable. In the event of a last-minute move, you need to quickly sort and pack your possessions. Of course, there are quite a few helpful tips that you can take advantage of.

Hire a Professional or Rent a Moving Truck

If you want to move on a really short notice, finding a company might be a real bother. However, you should most certainly be careful when choosing the company because, after all, you need to ensure the safety of your belongings. Although some of the most reliable moving companies might already be booked, you can find suitable movers if you are prepared to pay a bit more because of the urgency of the task. You ask your friends, colleagues and family around for recommendations as they can be very helpful. Read the customer reviews of the designated company as they can really help you out.

Professional short notice movers in Chicago are capable of packing and loading everything a lot faster than you. This is why they will also charge you extra. It’s important to get a few different quotes to ensure that you have gotten the best price. You can also go for the DIY solution by renting a moving truck but that’s a bit risky and it’s beneficial if you have previous experience.

Organize the Move One Step at a Time

You have very little time and you must be perfectly organized. The first thing you should do is to create a timeline as each moment is very important. Make sure to properly include all of the tasks to ensure that nothing is left out.

Sort and Pack

This is usually the part which is most time consuming. You have to make sure that you don’t waste your money for packing and moving items that you simply have no use of so it’s better to leave them out. You can donate or sell them, which is going to get you some extra cash for the moving itself.

Go ahead and get the necessary packing supplies as soon as it’s possible. You can ask bookstores, supermarkets and other venues for their leftover boxes in order to save up some money. Get bubble wrap and a lot of wrapping paper.

Get your Friends

Your friends are capable of helping a huge deal with the endeavor. Make sure that they have different tasks if they are up for helping and distribute everything accordingly.  Keep calm, don’t panic and you will be done with it quicker than you expected. Alert every one of your new address. Keep one box filled with items that you absolutely need to have at all times. You will be living out of that box until all your items are unpacked and arranged.

Short notice Movers in Chicago with a good reputation will help you locate everything as you get it to your new home.