“When I needed to get my mom moved from her house to the assisted living home that she needed to move to, Short Notice Movers came out and carefully packed all of her belongings and really handled everything with care. She collects glass bells and they treated them with such care and on top of getting her all moved, not even one fragile bell was broken or cracked! She was so delighted that she talked for two days about how nice the men were that moved her. I am really happy with the work that you all did and thankful that the price was really good as well!” Debbie Sanders- Nashville, TN

“From my family to yours, thank you so very much for getting my daughter safely moved back home for the summer when college let out for summer break. We were afraid that we would have to drive to Michigan to load everything and drive it back to the west coast on our own but thankfully, we found Short Notice Movers! This company really took care of everything and treated my daughter very nicely while they were packing her things in the truck. We are very appreciative of the great work.” Ted Masters- San Diego, CA

“Nothing could have prepared me for the job transfer that my company offered me last month. They gave me less than five days to accept the offer and move halfway across the country to work at the new job site. I was really pushed into a corner trying to get everything taken care of as fast as possible because I did not want to lose the offer. Thanks to Short Notice Movers, my entire apartment was packed for me, loaded onto the truck and moved to the new apartment in Des Moines and I never had to lift a finger aside from making the call to get a quote and set everything up. Thanks for the fast service times and even better, for not charging me more than I could afford. This company is great and I am really happy with the moving services they provided.” Justin Kimble- Des Moines, IA